Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Sunday Morning

Busy day today, Kathleen ran the Baltimore Women's Classic in Federal Hill This morning, so as I do, I rode down there to take some pictures. It was a nice morning for the race, the sun was shining, and the humidity has stayed down through the weekend. Here is Kathleen just after the start.
As with last year's race, there were acoustic guitar playing singers along the route to make the run a little nicer.
However, unlike last year's race, due to construction on Key Highway, they ran a different route, starting with the hill on Jackson Street. Here is Kathleen at the top of the hill.
But then it was a long downhill run to the end of Fort Avenue. Nice morning with the sun rising behind the runners.
From there the course wound it's way through Federal Hill, lots of folks out watching.
Here is Kathleen back down on Key Highway.
They went back through the original start area on Key Highway, back past the troubadours and then came back up on the Promenade to the finish, and here she is finishing with a personal best of 25:52.
I met up with her in the vendor village/finish area, and we looked around for her friends who were running the race as well. No luck on that front so we headed to where she had locked her bike up to get moving for home. I noticed this in front of the Maryland Science Center. I am not sure if it is new or not, but since I never ride by this side of the building it was new to me.
Then it was back to the homestead, Kathleen on her groovy errand bike.
We got to the house and Kathleen went in to change, I got her road bike ready to go, and then we were off to Hampden for the Twenty 20 Cycling Sunday Morning ride that we did last week. We actually managed to be on time enough for the 9:30 meet up that Kathleen could go in and get a cup of coffee before we set off again. Here is the group just as the light turned on Keswick.
And then a little further down the road.
We headed down the switchbacks on the bike trail from Steiff Silver to Falls Road.
Then up Falls towards Clipper Mill.
We went through Clipper Mill and then up into Druid Hill Park to climb "the mini Alpe D'Huez".
Here we are rolling through the park headed for a lap around the resevoir.
We did a lap around the lake, lots of joggers, walkers, and other cyclists, then up through Hopkins Campus to University Parkway.
On our way back through Hampden, Kathleen spotted this house with the maximum number of purple flowers possible going on.
As we approached the Avenue, I squirted enough ahead to catch the group from the front side (for a change). It only took Kathleen 5 minutes with photoshop to make this look better (not my best over the shoulder action shot :) )
We finished up at the shop, shot the breeze for a few, thanked Brian for leading the ride, then headed on out for home. At the bottom of Chesnut Street there was this huge poster on the mill. I am not sure what the deal is, but I like the picture.
Then it was off to the house to get cleaned up and walk down to Fells Point for some breakfast. An afternoon of running errands, then dinner on the deck.

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