Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Morning Around the Hood

This morning wasn't too cold, so off for a ride I went (much better than the trainer). This picture seemed a lot less blurry on the camera this morning, but it is downtown by sunrise

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday Ride around BWI

Well another beautiful Saturday with no obligations, so I went out with the original intention of going to Annapolis via the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, but got started a little late and by the time I found the trail head there was no way I was going to make it there and back to the house by dark. So instead I had a great ride around the BWI trail and got in 34.5 miles.

On my way to there, I saw a giant blue gorrila at the Royal Farms, no idea what this was about

But then it was onto the BWI trail, where, as a really unusual occurrence, I actually saw other cyclists, normally I don't see any on most rides. The trail itself is really nice, runs through the woods around BWI.

And here is probably about the last of our blizzard in December, hanging around on a perpetually shady patch of the trail.

At one point you pass right under the approach to the runway.

After I bailed out on the path to head for home, I passed over this what I believe is the end of the Patapsco river a little ways upstream of where it runs into one of the branches of the Inner Harbor. I thought it looked gorgeous in the late sun, and also was the end of my camera battery for the day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning

A quick ride around the neighborhood, beautiful morning after a rainy day yesterday. A little warmer than it has been for the past couple of weeks. Anyhow, saw this very nice creche a few blocks up the street in front of a little church there. 6 blocks away from my house and I have never noticed the church before.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Nice Saturday Ride around Brooklyn :)

Well finally a Saturday that didn't involve work, and a beautiful day in the mid 40's so I went out for a ride around Brooklyn (a neighborhood here in beautiful B'more). I saw an old school radio shack (not to be confused with the modern version)

And I found out what happens to your front bumper when you knock it off the car

And only in Baltimore, purple port-a-potties by the Ravens Stadium It was quiet there today, the Ravens are playing in Indy against the traitorous Colts tonight. I am hoping they are successful, if only to keep the mood in the office light on Monday.

At the end of the ride I passed through Federal Hill so I climbed the epic climb to the top to take a couple of pictures, this is the Inner Harbor

And the tall buildings in this shot are Harbor East. When we moved here that area where they are was a barren wasteland. The site used to be a chromium plant once upon a time, then it was our own personal superfund site, now it is mixed use buildings, with commercial on the ground floor, and offices and condos in the upper floors, as well as a new Marriott hotel, quite the change in 5 years. In the foreground are the Ritz Carlton residences that they built on piers, all of those houses are actually in the Inner Harbor. They are also new, they've only been completed for a year or two.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Morning Outside!!!!!

It was finally too much, after three mornings of riding to nowhere, it was finally warm enough (32 degrees) to go outside, so a quick run around the neighborhood for this morning's ride. Here is the skyline with the sunrise just hitting it

And here is the view from the opposite side of Patterson Park than I usually end up on, off in the distance is the Pagoda, and the city skyline just beyond that.
The weather man says 48 degrees tommorow, I am hoping to get a little further out, maybe go somewhere new :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trainer Ride :(

Well it was really cold today, so no outdoor ride, 7.75 miles on the trainer instead :( Here was my view for half an hour this morning. As you can see, at this point I've already managed to drop the remote for the Ipod dock, double sadness :) (bottom right corner, the little black thing on the floor). Tommorow is supposed to be more of the same temps wise, so I am going to stare at my toolbox for tommorows ride.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day 2010 Chasing Kathleen Around Patterson Park

Well today was the Resolution Run 5K around Patterson Park, so I rode over to catch Kathleen running the race, and to try out my new Garmin Computer (x-mas present). Sprinted all over the park to get ahead of her, and got some action shots. Nice day, about 45 degrees out, it snowed then rained a little yesterday, but most of that was gone today, a little muddy where I had to cut across the grass though.

Here's Kathleen in Action at about 1k in to the race.

Also present were the Wheaties guy and Mario, no idea who these guys are, but great outfits for the morning.

And of course the new computer for the bike :)