Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday Ride around BWI

Well another beautiful Saturday with no obligations, so I went out with the original intention of going to Annapolis via the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail, but got started a little late and by the time I found the trail head there was no way I was going to make it there and back to the house by dark. So instead I had a great ride around the BWI trail and got in 34.5 miles.

On my way to there, I saw a giant blue gorrila at the Royal Farms, no idea what this was about

But then it was onto the BWI trail, where, as a really unusual occurrence, I actually saw other cyclists, normally I don't see any on most rides. The trail itself is really nice, runs through the woods around BWI.

And here is probably about the last of our blizzard in December, hanging around on a perpetually shady patch of the trail.

At one point you pass right under the approach to the runway.

After I bailed out on the path to head for home, I passed over this what I believe is the end of the Patapsco river a little ways upstream of where it runs into one of the branches of the Inner Harbor. I thought it looked gorgeous in the late sun, and also was the end of my camera battery for the day.

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