Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Nice Saturday Ride around Brooklyn :)

Well finally a Saturday that didn't involve work, and a beautiful day in the mid 40's so I went out for a ride around Brooklyn (a neighborhood here in beautiful B'more). I saw an old school radio shack (not to be confused with the modern version)

And I found out what happens to your front bumper when you knock it off the car

And only in Baltimore, purple port-a-potties by the Ravens Stadium It was quiet there today, the Ravens are playing in Indy against the traitorous Colts tonight. I am hoping they are successful, if only to keep the mood in the office light on Monday.

At the end of the ride I passed through Federal Hill so I climbed the epic climb to the top to take a couple of pictures, this is the Inner Harbor

And the tall buildings in this shot are Harbor East. When we moved here that area where they are was a barren wasteland. The site used to be a chromium plant once upon a time, then it was our own personal superfund site, now it is mixed use buildings, with commercial on the ground floor, and offices and condos in the upper floors, as well as a new Marriott hotel, quite the change in 5 years. In the foreground are the Ritz Carlton residences that they built on piers, all of those houses are actually in the Inner Harbor. They are also new, they've only been completed for a year or two.

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