Saturday, June 29, 2013

Road Warrior 50

Today was the Road Warrior 50 Road Race.   I didn't race (it's not my thing) but Kathleen did, so I went out to spectate and cheer her on, no bike for me today, but lots of walking.   We got there in plenty of time, and Kathleen paid for her 1 day license to race.   We got her number pinned up, and she spent a little time riding around to warm up.   It was smoking hot out today, so while waiting for her group to form up (Cat 4 Women), she found shade under a tree.

Then it was down to the start area, here they are receiving instructions from the race officials.

Then they were off, she's number 700.

The course was 2 laps of a 13.1 mile loop, here they are coming up the road just after the first lap was completed, Kathleen is about 10 yards behind the field here, apparently the more experienced gals slowed the group up just before the climb to the finish line, then hit the climb really hard, Kathleen chased but was never able to get back on.

And here is the view after they passed by.

Then I wandered over to the finish line, here is the Mens Cat 5 finish, quite the sprint from the guy in the red jersey to take the win.

Then the Mens Cat 5 40+ (which would be my group if I were actually interested in racing) finish, this guy totally won from a break, the rest of the group was easily 15 seconds behind him.

This the Womens Cat 1/2/3 race rolling through the finish on their way out for their last lap (they did 3 laps).

Then was the big moment, here is the Womens Cat 4 winner.

A few minutes later Kathleen rolled in, she wasn't able to quite chase back on to the group after the first lap, so she rode the second lap off the back.   Not a bad result, all of the gals that finished in front of her were much more experienced and serious about it.

I was very proud of her result, it was a hot day and a fast race, the timing people said that they Cat 4 Women were doing faster laps than the Cat 1/2/3 Women.   Here is her Strava map of the race, it used the same course that she had done the Duathlon on, and she was much faster this time, amazing what a couple of years of running, riding and racing will do.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two in one day

This morning Kathleen ran in the Baltimore Womens Classic, so I rode over to spectate (as I do).   She left before me, but then I caught her warming up on the bike path by the start on Key Highway.  We meandered over to the start, and that was the last time I saw her until after the finish, definitely didn't have my spectating mojo going today.

I cut through Federal Hill to get to the other side of the start as it was a madhouse on Key Highway.   On my way over there I passed behind the American Visionary Art Museum, and spotted this whirlygig that I had never noticed before, probably because I usually go by the other side of the building.

Then they were off, while trying to find her in the sea of women I passed by one of the troubadours out on the course.

Eventually I realized that I had completely managed to miss her on course, and she found me after the finish.   Here Kathleen is telling me all about the tree there, she is taking a plants class for her degree right now, so she has been spending a lot of time memorizing 150 local plant types.   All I remember is that this one is resistant to road salt.

Then it was off to the homestead.   Kathleen got cleaned up and started studying, I went back to bed and slept until 1:30 in the afternoon.

Once I got it together I went back out for a spin on the bike, this time at more road bike kind of speeds. I went out to Fort McHenry, then came back via Tide Point.   Passing by a row of rail cars at the Domino Sugar plant I noticed that they all had this notification on them.   All I could think was why would you want to beat on a rail car with a hammer?

It was hot as hell out, and very humid so I cut it short and headed back to the house again.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Easter Island?

Kathleen was off at school today, so I slept in then rode the city bike down to Red Star for breakfast with the Washington Post, then came back and got my act together to go out for a ride.   I headed up Washington Street then cut through the neighborhoods.   This mural was at Harford & Chase on the side of a rowhouse there.

Then I went up Calvert Street, a friend at work had mentioned that there was an Easter Island head on Calvert just past North Avenue, and low and behold there it was.

A little further up Calvert was this mural on the side of a rec center.

Up in Charles Village this row of Victorian rowhouses caught my eye, love the colors.

I cut through the bottom of the Hopkins and on my way over to Druid Lake Park I spotted this Chrysler Imperial 2 door convertible at the park.   It had to be 25' long.

I looped around and came back down the Gwynns Falls Trail to the house, on my way up our street I noticed that our neighbor had the 4th of July look up in their picture window.

This block was closed to traffic for a block party, lots of hanging out and having cocktails and playing games going on, beautiful day for it.

Then it was back to the house to get cleaned up and run some errands.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Panoramas and Arrows

After a big sleep in morning, and some work surprise crap, I managed to get out for a ride this afternoon.   I headed out with the vague destination of Dundalk, and while headed that way I spotted this mural.

Not sure how I have missed that before, it takes up the whole side of a building, in fact I missed about the last 20' of it that has the container ship (Dundalk is right next to the main part of the port of Baltimore).   Continuing on, I crossed over the bridge on the Peninsula Expressway, to the right was the Key Bridge.

And to the left this old rail swing bridge, I am pretty sure it is permanently in the open position now.

Just on the other side is what appears to be a popular fishing spot.

At the end of the expressway is Sparrows Point steel mill.   Things are looking pretty grim for the plant, it seems unbelievable that nobody can make this plant work at a profit.

I continued on out to North Point State Park, where I rode out to the end of this pier to get a panorama of the happenings.

People enjoying the beach.



And more fishing

Then it was time to head for home, I followed these arrows the whole way back, I believe that they are road markings for either the Tour Du Port last fall, or Tour Dem Parks which happened earlier today.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today was a ride with purpose.   Kathleen and her friend Leslie Miller are leading women's group rides  on the second Sunday of each month.   So today we met up at Twenty20 to recon the novice ride that Leslie will be leading (Kathleen is leading the intermediate ride that happens at the same time).   It's based on the Coffee Shop ride route that I have done a bunch of times.   So at any rate, we rode up to Hampden to meet up and headed out.  Here we are rolling down Keswick.

We went down the switchbacks to Falls Road, and passed by the Mill Number One Project there.   It's a great older mill building, it's good to see it being brought back to life.

Then we headed up through Clipper Mill, and up the mini Alpe d'Huez into Druid Lake Park.   A quick lap around the lake yielded Baltimore's downtown in basking in the sun.   Did I mention that it was about 85 degrees out at 9AM?   I believe that spring is over.

We rode through Hopkins, then out 33rd to Lake Montebello before heading back to Twenty20.   We kibitzed at the shop for a bit, then Kathleen and I headed for home.  Heading back down towards the switchbacks to get to Falls Road, we took a little detour and stopped on the bridge to check out the Blue Heron that have nests in the trees on the banks of the Jones Falls river.   Here is the Northern Blue Heron with her (his?) chicks, this is visible on the north side of the bridge.

And here are the Southern Blue Heron(s?).   There are several other nests that aren't as visible there, about 6 in all.

Then it was down Falls Road towards home, the Streetcar museum is back up and operating for the summer, here is a group of people going for a ride on their little loop of track there.

We scooted on home then out to get some breakfast. Kathleen did a bunch of studying, and I did some errands including new (hopefully slightly more durable) tires for the road bike.