Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pre Riding the Duathalon Course

Today Kathleen and I got our acts together and went out to Howard County to pre-ride the Duethe2 Duathalon course that Kathleen is racing next weekend. It was a nice ride in rolling pastoral countryside, and today, it was hot as hell at noon when we were doing it (about 95 degrees hot and muggy). Here is Kathleen dropping me, I slept terribly last night, so I was pretty under form today, but also Kathleen has been training a bunch and it shows :)
And after I caught her up again.
There were horses.
And statues of horses.
And empty roads ahead, not a lot of traffic today.
Right near the end of the course we saw this groovy building that appears to be an adapted barn, I just liked the pattern on the silo part.
Once we got back to the park, Kathleen went to run the running circuit (2 miles) and I got the bikes back on the car. The race will be one running lap, 2 laps of the cycling course we rode today, then 2 running laps at the end. Once she got back from the run we headed back to the homestead so I could get my act together to go out of town tomorrow AM.

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