Saturday, July 16, 2011

No Particular Place To Go

Kathleen is off at Tri Camp this weekend, so I took the opportunity to sleep in. I rolled out of bed about 12 Noon and watched the finish of Stage 13 of the Tour De France. About 3PM I finally got my act together and rolled out of the garage heading vaguely north. I rode up the Alemeda to it's end, it got progressively less busy as I headed out, till it was pretty quiet and a gorgeous day out, about 90 degrees, sunny and low humidity.
It ends at Regester road, also nice and quiet.
I rode up York Road to Towson, then through Towson to Bellona, and was greeted with more quiet roads, it really was nice to not have too much traffic to contend with.
Then to dodge the huge hill in the the middle of Bellona, I turned onto Ruxton Road, much more gentle.
Ruxton ends at Falls Road, and right after the turn onto Falls the road passes over this stream, which I think is the Jones Falls before it goes under the freeway.
As I headed into Hampden I saw this on the side of a rowhouse.
Then down Falls Road through Hampden and down past the Streetcar Museum, they had one of the cars out running on the tracks (I am assuming visitors can go for a ride.
At the museum proper they had a bunch of the cars out, looking resplendent in the afternoon sun.
A little further down I passed through Artscape, not quite the hottest weekend of the summer but close this year. The area I cut through (Station North) had the Art Cars, the crush of people made it hard to get pictures, but here is the one I got.
Then it was off for home, a shower, a trip to Target, and dinner in that order.

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