Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thwarted! (By my own inability to read)

I took off early from work today to go on the intermediate/advanced group ride (30 miles at a 17-19MPH average pace) that Race Pace Bicycles in Federal Hill has. I scooted home, snarfed down a couple of bowls of cereal with rice milk, got changed and headed out about 5:30 for a 6:00 ride. I got over to the shop with plenty of time to spare so I returned some wool socks (wrong size & style, my bad) for Kathleen and warrantied for credit pair of defective gloves (only 3 months, not so good) for me. It wasn't until about 6:00 that somebody mentioned the ride leaving at 5:30PM. Felt like a moron, but subtly relived as I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up. So I kibbitzed a little more then went out to wander around Federal Hill for a bit. I rode out to Ft McHenry, then back through Locust Point. I passed the Silo Point building there, this used to be a grain elevator that they have remade into swanky condos.
Down off Key Highway at Rash Field the beach volleyball crowd was out playing.
It was kind of a drag, I was all gussied up for the ride with my new gloves.
And Socks.
I like the retro script styling on these, plus they are wool, the coolmax socks rip up my feet. At any rate I headed for home, a shower, mexican food, and the Tour De France.

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