Monday, July 18, 2011

Group Ride Attempt

So after last Thursday's failure to make it to Race Pace in time for the group ride, I took off early from work and met Kathleen to make the Monday Night ride. On the way over we got passed and dropped by a genuine hipster, track bike, no brakes.
We got over to Race Pace at 5:30, and about 5:45 6 of us set out on the ride. By mile 8 (5 miles into it) I was hating it, I came to the sudden realization that I don't like to have the pace dictated to me, I go the speed I go, and I am fine with that. I am not training for a race, I am trying to keep my 43 year old gut in check, and succeeding when I keep up with the riding :). Additionally I feel like I am holding everybody else in the group back, so that further puts a damper on riding for me. So we bid aideu for to the group and did our own thing back to the house. Coming down Washington Ave back into town, we were sort of flummoxed by some sort of power issue causing the road to be closed. While looking for a way around the issue we wandered down a side street where there were a bunch of cute little houses on this quiet dead end street. The garden on this one was especially nice.
Then we continued down the hill, cutting through a restaurant parking lot to get around this.
We continued in on Washington Boulevard, then jumped on to the Gwynns Falls trail heading out of town.
We wound our way through West Baltimore before finally ending up back at the Inner Harbor on our way home.
Then back to the house for a shower (it was about 95 degrees out when we left) and some dinner. Lesson learned for the moment, I will stick with the "casual" Sunday rides for now, suits my temperament better it seems. I will leave the evening world championship rides to others.

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