Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Commute

Hot as hell today, a thunderstorm blew through last night, but didn't affect the humidity at all, 85 degrees when I left home. I took off a little late this morning, so I took the fastest (boringest) way to work. No pictures from that. 6PM rolled around and I headed for home. I am bored with the Gwynns Falls Trail for the moment, so I went through town. I ended up at Druid Lake, looking lovely in the afternoon sun (about 97 degrees).
And a statue of Christopher Columbus right at the lake.
I rolled around the lake then through the park down to the switchbacks at Steiff Silver. At the bottom of the bike path is this obviously homemade sign.
But the warning is valid. Then it was across town and down Greenmount towards Fells Point. On the way down I noticed this sign on the side of a rowhouse.
"Specializing in authentic clothing", what other kind is there, fake clothes, it's either real or not I would think? A little further down I passed an impromptu snowball stand, these pop up all over town when it's hot out.
Then it was home for a shower and some dinner.

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