Saturday, October 27, 2012


After a sleep in day (for me) Kathleen and I went out on the city bikes to get some sneaky pill hiding treats for Sophie.   We rode down through Patterson Park where there was some sort of festival going on.

We continued to Dogma in Brewers Hill, but they didn't have what we were looking for, so our quick jaunt turned into a ten mile epic ride (for these bikes) to Federal Hill to get the treats. Then back to the house for dinner.

The Frankenstorm is Coming

It was a nice (mid 60's) day today, and with the Frankenstorm coming, I decided I better get out and see some leaves before it's too late.   So I commuted to work on my usual route, and got some leaf action.  This shot is on the Gwynns Falls trail coming into work.  It was a gray and overcast, but I was hoping for a little sun for the ride home.

I ended up having to split at 2:00PM to take Sophie to the Vet, so off I went.   This is looking across the bridge from the shop side.

Across the street is our closest neighbor, and the last house on the road before the park starts.

This is down at the end of Wetheredsville (opposite end from the shop).

Then it was to the house, to the vet, and dinner before heading down to Matt's in Rockville to work on his car windows.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunset Ride Around the Harbor

After a day fully consumed by work, Kathleen and I got out on the road bikes this evening for a ride.   Just a quick spin around the harbor out to Fort McHenry and back.   Here is the Inner Harbor at sunset.

Here is Kathleen caught in the middle of stretching her neck out while waiting for me to take the first picture.

Then it was back to the house to get my act together for an 18 hour trip to Miami.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Beautiful day out today, so after dealing with some work stuff I went out for a little spin around.   I headed up to Lake Montebello and had my ass handed to me by somebody from the Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling Team.   No pics of that.   Then I ventured off the circle to head over to Morgan State, where I went through and epic mud area, it looked much tamer until I rode into it.   Going around the construction there, I spotted this flowering plant (possibly a weed) with a bunch of bees doing their thing.

Then back around to the house, only to get another sealant resistant flat on the way home. Luckily I was able to use the old put your finger over the hole while putting in CO2 to get it to seal up enough to get home. I jumped through the shower, then Kathleen and I headed out to run some errands. We took the city bikes over to Federal Hill to Race Pace Bicycles to pick up some better brake pads for her city bike, the ones on it sound like sandpaper when they aren't squealing. We also picked up a couple of Park Patch kits, as it appeared I would be needing one, and I am about out of the rubber cement part. Here's Kathleen as we are about to leave to go to the pet store for cat food.

We got the cat food and soda at the Rite Aid next door, then stopped by the Kona Grill in the Inner Harbor for dinner.  After a delicous meal we headed back to the house to get caught up on the cycling season.  Tonight was the Women's Road Racing World Cup from China, Sweden, and France, and the Grand Prix du Cyclistes Quebec from Quebec City.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football and Trains

Gorgeous day out today, so I went out for a ride to shake out the cobwebs and try and log some more miles for the year (1080 as of today).  I headed around the Inner Harbor and through Federal Hill before cutting past the stadium.   As I crossed over the Ostend Street bridge I spotted this bit of urban beauty.

The whole side of the bridge was littered with empty beer cans and bottles, the area around the stadium looks like this after every Ravens game, very classy. I got through that and continued on, just around the corner there was a work crew on the train tracks doing their thing.

From there I meandered out into the Lansdowne area and noodled around, including crossing over this river.

A little further along I passed the tail of this train, mostly I noticed due to the big signal structure over the tracks.

Down the street I passed over the tracks and low and behold, another giant signal structure and the same train disappearing around the bend, to note, the train wasn't moving, just sitting there.

Then it was back through the teeming throngs coming out of the Ravens game, only one Lance comment suprisingly.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Darth Vader's House

It has been far too long since my last ride, and after yet another day of work it felt like time to get out so when I got home from work this evening out I went.   I stuck with around the Inner Harbor, I am way out of form (as if I had any form to begin with) and it's fairly easy and flat.   I rode up to the top of Federal Hill to the park and got a picture of Darth Vader's House, the white lit part at the top of this building.

I believe it is actually a penthouse of some sort for the condos in the tower, but I have called it Darth Vader's House since we moved here. From there I noodled around Federal Hill and spotted this, I really like the little blue star at the top of the church spire.

I ended up over at the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Where I got this shot of the Darth's pad from the other side.

I headed back up Key Highway where I stopped above the volleyball courts for a quick self portrait.

Then it was time to head for home, a quick stop at the Canton Market for a soda, then up the street. I like the signage for Fork and Wrench on Boston Street.

Heading home I caught our local firefighters rolling out.

A quick pedal up the hill to the house and finished for the evening.  I really like night rides, I may start trying to do this more often, everything looks so different.