Saturday, October 20, 2012


Beautiful day out today, so after dealing with some work stuff I went out for a little spin around.   I headed up to Lake Montebello and had my ass handed to me by somebody from the Kelly Benefits Strategies Cycling Team.   No pics of that.   Then I ventured off the circle to head over to Morgan State, where I went through and epic mud area, it looked much tamer until I rode into it.   Going around the construction there, I spotted this flowering plant (possibly a weed) with a bunch of bees doing their thing.

Then back around to the house, only to get another sealant resistant flat on the way home. Luckily I was able to use the old put your finger over the hole while putting in CO2 to get it to seal up enough to get home. I jumped through the shower, then Kathleen and I headed out to run some errands. We took the city bikes over to Federal Hill to Race Pace Bicycles to pick up some better brake pads for her city bike, the ones on it sound like sandpaper when they aren't squealing. We also picked up a couple of Park Patch kits, as it appeared I would be needing one, and I am about out of the rubber cement part. Here's Kathleen as we are about to leave to go to the pet store for cat food.

We got the cat food and soda at the Rite Aid next door, then stopped by the Kona Grill in the Inner Harbor for dinner.  After a delicous meal we headed back to the house to get caught up on the cycling season.  Tonight was the Women's Road Racing World Cup from China, Sweden, and France, and the Grand Prix du Cyclistes Quebec from Quebec City.

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