Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football and Trains

Gorgeous day out today, so I went out for a ride to shake out the cobwebs and try and log some more miles for the year (1080 as of today).  I headed around the Inner Harbor and through Federal Hill before cutting past the stadium.   As I crossed over the Ostend Street bridge I spotted this bit of urban beauty.

The whole side of the bridge was littered with empty beer cans and bottles, the area around the stadium looks like this after every Ravens game, very classy. I got through that and continued on, just around the corner there was a work crew on the train tracks doing their thing.

From there I meandered out into the Lansdowne area and noodled around, including crossing over this river.

A little further along I passed the tail of this train, mostly I noticed due to the big signal structure over the tracks.

Down the street I passed over the tracks and low and behold, another giant signal structure and the same train disappearing around the bend, to note, the train wasn't moving, just sitting there.

Then it was back through the teeming throngs coming out of the Ravens game, only one Lance comment suprisingly.

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