Saturday, June 22, 2013

Easter Island?

Kathleen was off at school today, so I slept in then rode the city bike down to Red Star for breakfast with the Washington Post, then came back and got my act together to go out for a ride.   I headed up Washington Street then cut through the neighborhoods.   This mural was at Harford & Chase on the side of a rowhouse there.

Then I went up Calvert Street, a friend at work had mentioned that there was an Easter Island head on Calvert just past North Avenue, and low and behold there it was.

A little further up Calvert was this mural on the side of a rec center.

Up in Charles Village this row of Victorian rowhouses caught my eye, love the colors.

I cut through the bottom of the Hopkins and on my way over to Druid Lake Park I spotted this Chrysler Imperial 2 door convertible at the park.   It had to be 25' long.

I looped around and came back down the Gwynns Falls Trail to the house, on my way up our street I noticed that our neighbor had the 4th of July look up in their picture window.

This block was closed to traffic for a block party, lots of hanging out and having cocktails and playing games going on, beautiful day for it.

Then it was back to the house to get cleaned up and run some errands.

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