Sunday, June 23, 2013

Two in one day

This morning Kathleen ran in the Baltimore Womens Classic, so I rode over to spectate (as I do).   She left before me, but then I caught her warming up on the bike path by the start on Key Highway.  We meandered over to the start, and that was the last time I saw her until after the finish, definitely didn't have my spectating mojo going today.

I cut through Federal Hill to get to the other side of the start as it was a madhouse on Key Highway.   On my way over there I passed behind the American Visionary Art Museum, and spotted this whirlygig that I had never noticed before, probably because I usually go by the other side of the building.

Then they were off, while trying to find her in the sea of women I passed by one of the troubadours out on the course.

Eventually I realized that I had completely managed to miss her on course, and she found me after the finish.   Here Kathleen is telling me all about the tree there, she is taking a plants class for her degree right now, so she has been spending a lot of time memorizing 150 local plant types.   All I remember is that this one is resistant to road salt.

Then it was off to the homestead.   Kathleen got cleaned up and started studying, I went back to bed and slept until 1:30 in the afternoon.

Once I got it together I went back out for a spin on the bike, this time at more road bike kind of speeds. I went out to Fort McHenry, then came back via Tide Point.   Passing by a row of rail cars at the Domino Sugar plant I noticed that they all had this notification on them.   All I could think was why would you want to beat on a rail car with a hammer?

It was hot as hell out, and very humid so I cut it short and headed back to the house again.

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