Sunday, June 9, 2013

Panoramas and Arrows

After a big sleep in morning, and some work surprise crap, I managed to get out for a ride this afternoon.   I headed out with the vague destination of Dundalk, and while headed that way I spotted this mural.

Not sure how I have missed that before, it takes up the whole side of a building, in fact I missed about the last 20' of it that has the container ship (Dundalk is right next to the main part of the port of Baltimore).   Continuing on, I crossed over the bridge on the Peninsula Expressway, to the right was the Key Bridge.

And to the left this old rail swing bridge, I am pretty sure it is permanently in the open position now.

Just on the other side is what appears to be a popular fishing spot.

At the end of the expressway is Sparrows Point steel mill.   Things are looking pretty grim for the plant, it seems unbelievable that nobody can make this plant work at a profit.

I continued on out to North Point State Park, where I rode out to the end of this pier to get a panorama of the happenings.

People enjoying the beach.



And more fishing

Then it was time to head for home, I followed these arrows the whole way back, I believe that they are road markings for either the Tour Du Port last fall, or Tour Dem Parks which happened earlier today.

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