Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Between the Storms

I survived the Army Birthday Ball this weekend, another weekend of very little sleep, but at least I had a hotel room at the venue. Here is a shot of the room during the evening, we had the US Army Field Band, Mark Wills, Phil Vassar, and some dance band at the end.
I got home today around noon, and got some breakfast while a thunderstorm rumbled through Baltimore. Since Kathleen had gone out to Cambridge to spectate at the Eagleman Triathalon that some of her friends were doing, I had a long debate with myself after breakfast as to whether it would make more sense to take a nap or go out for a ride. In the end, go out for a ride won and the weather cleared up to become super humid as all of the rain evaporated, so I took off around the town. I rolled through Patterson Park first, today was the Tour Dem Parks Hon! ride and so I was checking to see if there was anybody still in the park. Not a whole lot of cyclists around, but loud music was coming from the other side of the park, so being the curious sort I am, I went to investigate. I got over to the other side of the park, and it turns out they had closed Linwood Avenue where it goes through the park for a low rider show. It had it all, pavement scraping ride heights, loud paint jobs, spoked wheels, and of course, a photo shoot.
A little further down the row of cars yielded this.
Not my cup of tea style wise, but very impressive paintwork nonetheless. I continued on out by the stadium, and right as I was at the top of the bridge on Ostend Street, this train came through below me. I read/heard somewhere recently that Baltimore is the biggest rail transfer point on the East Coast, it sure seems like it, there are plenty of rail yards and tracks here.

I did a big loop around the West side and back to the house to clean up and run some errands. I ran out to Walmart to get oil for the car, and came back and washed it (it was filthy). Right as I finished washing the car, another thunderstorm rolled through, but I thwarted it by pulling the car into the garage and drying it there. Then it was time for some dinner with Kathleen, and a couple of stages of the Criterium du Dauphine race from France (Still trying to get caught up on that).

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