Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Commute Day with U2

Today was a commute day, I took off in the morning and rode up the Gwynns Falls Trail to work, nothing terribly exciting happened, just lots of people around the Inner Harbor, then quiet trails to the office. The only notable is it was humid, like August humid, and that theme would continue for the day. A day at work then it was time to head for the homestead. At this point it is easily 90 something, and still a bazillion percent humidity, but it was nice and shady on the Gwynns Falls Trail. There were guys playing baseball in most of the parks, like these guys in Carroll Park.
Then down by the stadium things changed. Usually by the time I get downtown it is pretty quiet, but today U2 is playing at M & T Bank Stadium (home of the Ravens), and traffic picked up substantially as a result. Lots of activity, including these guys who seemed to have taken over a dead end street and were selling parking.
There were people out tail-gating as well.
A little further along I spotted this sign at a parking lot.
Seems pretty obvious, but then about 100' past that lot I saw this.
Pointing away from the lot I just passed don't you know, to yet another lot that had the same closest parking sign at it's entrance. Just beyond that lot was yet another lot, also with a closest parking sign at the entrance. I guess it's closest to where you are that makes it closest. A little further along the trail runs right next to the stadium so for a little ways I was in with this group of concert goers make the epic trek from wherever they parked their cars to the stadium.
After I got past all that it was a fairly uneventful ride home. Also I had mentioned Kathleen's new errand bike, well here it is in appropriate pose.
Also I wanted to show off my handiwork in the garage, I had a ton of extra bike wheels and having them kicking around a floor level was starting to piss me off, so I scored a hook system that was meant for hanging brooms and such on the wall, and made a rim and tire rack out of them.
It's starting to look like a bike shop in the garage, on the other side of the garage from this is Kathleen's errand bike and mountain bike.
But it's tidy, or at least organized :)

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