Thursday, June 16, 2011

Commute Drenching

I rode into work today, I took the Gwynns Falls Trail in, which is not my normal route. There were some sprinkles but no serious rain. About 5 miles into my ride I flatted, so I stopped under a tree and changed the tube, no real drama, except that I couldn't find the sharp object that would have caused a flat. I took off again, definitely running a little late, but a little ways up the trail I spotted this on the road.

Must have been a crappy ride home for somebody without that wheel. I continued on, only to flat again at Windsor Mill & Wetheredsville Road, so I ended up walking the last mile in. I ran out to the shop at lunch in a co-workers car and got a couple of tubes and co2 cartridges to replace the used ones, patched the two tubes, one successfully, one not so much. Then the end of the day rolled around and I headed for home. I took the same route back, no flats, nor anything of note to see. About the time I hit Federal Hill, the sky opened up and it poured. I stopped under a tree just as it started and threw everything in my pockets into the waterproof backpack. No pics of the epic rain as a result, but I took off into the howling rain and continued on home for a shower, it was actually fun as it wasn't too cold (about 75 degrees out).

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