Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday

It's Friday :) I rode in to work today (third day in a row). I took a slightly different route through town than I usually do. On my way up Saratoga I came across this church.
I am sure it was quite the building in it's time, but it appears that it's time is up. I continued on down the road towards work, and when I got to Wetheredsville & Windsor Mill I spotted this painted between the stripes on the crosswalk there.
Since it is somewhat hard to read it says "Caution Speeding Lunatics" which is totally true of this spot. This is a remnant of the Tour Dem Parks from a couple of weekends ago, the 65 mile route went by our shop. After that I had a full day at work, then at 6:00PM the whistle blew, I slid down the tail of my dinosaur, and got in my superhero outfit for the ride home. This morning was super muggy again, but by the time I headed out a breeze had come up and blown some of the humidity away. I scooted on down the Gwynns Falls Trail towards home. Nothing terribly exciting, but I shot this picture of my shadow pacing me home by the golf course.
Then it was home for a shower and some dinner.

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