Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweaty Friday

You know summer is here when you roll out of the garage at 7:15AM and it's 82 degrees already and about a bazillion percent humidity. I went out for a ride this morning, just a quick tooling around the neighborhood. I swung up to the top of Patterson Park Ave at Baltimore Street, and shot this picture of our new staircase. The old one was falling apart, and so somehow the money was made available to rebuild it.
I swung the long way around to Haven Street, then back up Boston Street into Canton (the neighborhood next to ours). On my way through Canton I passed by the Annabel Lee Tavern named in honor of Edgar Allen Poe (who died here in Baltimore). I hadn't noticed this before, but the railing on the front steps is a groovy tree thing.
Then it was home to get ready for a long weekend, it's the US Army's 236th birthday this weekend, and we are providing the sound for the Birthday Ball at the Gaylord National Hotel.

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