Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chasing the Baltimore Womens Classic

Today was the 35th Annual Baltimore Womens Classic, and Kathleen was running in it. So I rode down to Federal Hill to capture all the action. As I waited down the street from the start for Kathleen to come by, I (and the runners) were entertained by this roving troubadour.
Then Kathleen came by in the big pack (orange shorts, blue top).
A little further down another guitar player.
Here is Kathleen rounding the corner onto Fort Avenue.
Just after the 1 mile water station the local firefighters set up an impromptu cooling shower on the route.
Here is Kathleen rounding the turnaround sandwich board on Fort Avenue.
A little further back up the race course, they passed yet another band of guitarists as they turned off Key Highway onto the waterfront promenade.
Then I shot ahead to catch the finish.
Kathleen did a personal best by almost 2 minutes today, despite the hot weather. After the race I hung out for a little bit, then headed for the homestead to wash both bikes and do some drivetrain maintenance.

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