Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chasing the Baltimore 10 Miler

Today was the Baltimore 10 Miler and Kathleen was running in it. So I rode my bike up to shoot some action shots of the race. I left a little before 7AM and it was already warming up, plus my phone had an air quality warning on it :( On my way up Lombard towards downtown, this was my view, every other time I have ridden here it has been wall to wall cars. I guess there are some advantages to getting up early.
But then it was on to Druid Hill Park, where the race started and ended. I was just up the road from the start when Kathleen passed at the beginning, still looking fairly refreshed, this would change.
As I went to get further up the course, the only way across the Jones Falls Expressway was the same way the runners were going. As I crossed the bridge I spotted these two, no idea what the tu-tus are about.
Then I moved on to find a shady spot to wait at Lake Montebello where the turn around was. After a little while of sitting around in the shade Kathleen appeared from the pack.
And made a face.
This is a little further down the road on 33rd street.
And here near Johns Hopkins as the turn to head back to Druid Lake Park for the finish.
Here is what the area around the lake looked like, the race ran on the road above this.
Then I cut around the closed streets to a path above the finish to catch the big sprint, good thing I am quick on the trigger, a split second later I would have missed it entirely.
Then I rode home, and ran some errands, including getting a new seat bag and tire levers for the bike. The zipper on mine failed today, and as a result I lost my pink Pedro's tire levers that replaced the one I broke a couple of weeks ago. The new seat bag seems pretty bitchin', Kathleen and I are supposed to go for a ride in the AM so we shall see, I did manage to stuff all of my stuff in it though. Action shots tomorrow if I decide I like it.

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