Monday, June 21, 2010

Commute Day

I didn't have anywhere to be other than the office today, so I rode into work. It was already hot at 8:00AM when I left, and it didn't get any cooler as the day went on. First things first though, I promised action shots of my new seat bag on Saturday, but then didn't give them on Sunday. So here is my new seat bag, resplendent in its 80's style dayglo green.
Now before you laugh, the other option had a sandy tan panel where this one was green, otherwise identical, and was $7 more, so green it was. I shot this on Charles Street on my way in, waiting at a light. But then it was upward to work and a little good news. The city parks guys had been through and cleaned up the downed tree on the closed part of Wetheredsville Road, which is a good thing, last time I had portage over it in my utterly tractionless bike shoes.
Then it was on to the office for a day of getting organized. 5 O'clock rolled around and I slid on out of the office early and headed for home. I took the Gwynns Falls Trail home, as it had reached about 95 degrees out, and the weather channel had a air quality warning for the day. The trail is pretty shady for the most part, so a little cooler. On my way down I spotted this, I am pretty sure that there is at least one problem here.
A little while later, I got to the first rail crossing, and the gates were down but there was no indication of a train being there. Then some guy at a warehouse said the gates had been down for 20 minutes, so I looked both ways and slid around them. Just after I crossed, the train whistle sounded, and by the time I reached the next crossing a block away, the gates went down and the train appeared.
So I waited him out, then continued on to the house, utterly bonking due to failure to pay attention. When I left the shop I was a little hungry, by the time I reached my neighborhood I was totally punked out, and had to climb Mount Collington in my lowest gear to make it home. Lesson for today, if you are a little hungry when you start exercising, you should probably eat first. Stupidly I had a Cliff Bar with me, but I didn't eat it until I got home.

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