Saturday, October 30, 2010


A nice fall Saturday today, so Kathleen went out to run some errands, and I went out for a ride. I went out around the Inner Harbor where I spotted this.
It must be marching band season, I was digging on the silver go-go boots. I continued on out to Fort McHenry, which is still closed to bicycles, this visitors center had better be spectacular. On the way back towards the Inner Harbor I spotted a cruise ship in at the terminal.
I went back up Light Street, then up Calvert Street where I saw this.
I have seen that wall before but apparently somebody thought it was a random act of kindness to cover it up. I actually really liked the old mural. Across the street was this mural, which also appears to be new.
I went up into Charles Village then out to Lake Montebello. It was pretty quiet at the lake, but the trees are doing their fall thing.

After that I pedalled my way home for a shower and a soda.

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