Sunday, October 10, 2010

"A Little Further Than Yesterday"

Another gorgeous fall day, so Kathleen and I went out for a ride. During the course of the discussion on where to go Kathleen said "a little further than yesterday". We decided to ride out to Essex and visit Rocky Point Park. But first, a swing through Patterson Park, where this was spotted.
Then out Eastern Avenue over the bridge to a little park in Essex, the bridge in the distance is where we came from.
Further along we passed over another inlet, that is the first little park on the other side of the water.
At one of the many dead ends we rode down today, there was a little pond in the marshes.
Next stop was Historic Essex Skypark (the sign said so). Some of the items at the airport were definitely historic.
And a collapsed hangar, nothing but the doors left.
Eventually we reached Rocky Point Golf Course, nice views of the Chesapeake from here.
But we still hadn't found the park so back we went, only to see a huge sign that we somehow missed on the way in saying the park is this way. So we set off, and again managed to miss our turn, but we did see this in somebody's front yard.
After realizing that we had missed our turn we doubled back (again) and headed towards what was presumably the park. On the road to the park we saw this mailbox, I think that the owner is a small engine/lawn tractor repair guy.
Finally we reached the park proper, and the beach was very nice.
We rode all the way out to the point and it was very scenic, somewhere in the distance of this picture is North Point Park.
And the other side was equally scenic.
At this point it was about 5:00PM so it was time to high tail it back to the homestead, but first a stop at the purple porta-potty.
This is one of my famous "no-look" action shots, apparently Kathleen could see me lining it up and gave the "hang-loose" sign.
From there it was pedal back to the house to get cleaned up and grill steaks (from this morning's farmers market expedition) up on the deck while the sun was setting behind the downtown skyline.

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