Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Particular Place To Go

Today was a gorgeous day, low 70's and breezy, quite a contrast to yesterday. I wanted to get out for a ride, but didn't have any plan on where to go or what to see, so I just went. I rode down through the Inner Harbor and out to Fort McHenry (still closed to bikes), then back through Tide Point, home of Domino's Sugar and Under Armor. On the road there I spotted a remnant of yesterday's marathon.
Kathleen says there was another one of these up at Lake Montebello. After that I dilly-dallied my way up Key Highway, and rode through the Otterbien neighborhood, then across Russell Street. On the other side of Russell Street I came across a couple of kids on BMX bikes, they wanted to race, so we had a little race up the block, I of course whipped them, but I am not letting that go to my head since they were only 7 or 8 years old. I continued on out to the B & O Railroad Museum which has this cool mural on the backside of the complex.
I went up the short steep hill that leads to the museum, only to run into a jersey wall barricade. After navigating my way around that I asked some guys that were hanging around what was going on. Apparently they occasionally take out the steam engines, and today was one of those days (hence the jersey walls blocking the tracks). I hung around for a bit and this appeared on the tracks.
Definitely don't see that every day. It's one of the many things that I like about riding around the city, there is always something interesting going on. After enjoying some vintage steam powered train action, it was time to head for the homestead for dinner.

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