Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tour Du Port

Today was the 2010 edition of One Less Car's Tour Du Port here in Baltimore. Kathleen and I signed up to do the 63 mile (100K, a metric century) route. Of course, a last minute gig came up this week that had me down at the Lincoln Memorial for most of the week, but thankfully it was on Saturday, so I got home Saturday night and pumped up the tires on the bikes and went to bed, as we were supposed to be at the start at about 7:00AM. The route wanders around the waterfront of Baltimore and out into Dundalk and Edgemere. Yesterday was a stunning fall day, today was a little less nice, cloudy, cool (like 55 degrees when we rolled out of the garage) and windy. We rode around the Inner Harbor and over to Federal Hill, and around Federal Hill Park where I shot this shot of the Inner Harbor in the peace of Sunday morning.
Right behind us was this statue of Samuel Smith that is in the park.
As we continued on out Fort Avenue towards Fort McHenry we passed by this encampment of Boy Scouts who are 6000 strong at Fort McHenry this weekend as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts.
Continuing on, we ended up at the first rest stop in Patterson Park, where we witnessed this coming together of the city garbage truck and all of the cyclists. Why they are in the park on a Sunday is beyond my comprehension, but it did provide about 5 minutes of facepalm entertainment.
The ride meandered on out to Sparrows Point Steel Mill.
A little further along I spotted this, pipes like this run all over the plant grounds, but I thought the little jogs in the pipes were interesting.
We headed out towards the Edgewater area, to North Point State Park, and the roads were packed with bicyclists.

We stopped at North Point State Park for a snack, Kathleen had some orange slices and banana chunks and I opted for a freshly made PBJ sandwich. Here is the shot of the pier, not quite as nice as last year.
Here is Kathleen at about mile 55 of the day, soon after this was the discussion of how blown out both are legs were, it was really windy.
But we did complete the ride, and enjoyed our complimentary lunch at the Korean War Memorial Park in Canton, then pedalled our butts home for a total of 64.1 miles on the day. Now we are going to vege out and do nothing for the rest of the day.

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