Sunday, October 24, 2010


It was Ravens game day today, so a good time to be out for a ride, while the bulk of Baltimore is glued to the TV. Kathleen and I went out into some new areas of the city, I had been to some before, but some were new to us both. We rode through one neighborhood on the otherside of Erdman lane, it was a series of dead ends, but at one of them was this cute little church on the edge of Herring Run Park.
From there we rode around to where the bike path starts in Herring Run Park and rode through the forest towards Lake Montebello (not my best picture here, the path is kind of bumpy)
This was shot over my shoulder as Kathleen followed me up the path that leads over to the lake.
Lake Montebello was very nice today, no real wind, sunny, and warm (mid 70's) for late October.

After a quick lap of the lake we rode another leg of the bike path into Morgan State University, I hadn't been there either, interesting campus, kind of a mix of old and new. At that point we turned back towards home, here is Kathleen blowing by me after I waited for her.
A little further down the road I noticed this radar speed deal actually registered us on the bikes, so after 2 tries I got this.
Riding back through Clifton Park I saw this bandshell, I have never noticed it before even though I have ridden through here a bunch of times, although usually from the other direction.
In Clifton Park is the Clifton Lake Campus (High School).
Kathleen had read about a program there where they are growing real vegetables and the product of their efforts is used in the school system cafeterias. Here is their farming operation.
The kids have named it Hoop Village, and they are growing lots of stuff.
They even have sunflowers and a beehive going.
After checking out the farming operation, we continued on towards home. A little further down from the school in the park there was a football game going on as the sun started to set.
We rode back down Chester Street, and across from the Northeastern Market we saw this groovy mural on the side of what I am assuming is the optometrist's office.
And a few blocks from the house, another on the side of a rowhouse.
Down the street to the house, and BOP pizza for dinner.

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