Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

This morning was election day, and it was also pretty darn cold. The temp said 38 when I left the house this morning for my ride. This meant I broke out the full cold weather ensemble for the first time this year, wool socks, insulated tights, insulated jersey, full finger gloves, shoe covers, head warmer thingy, and the new Pearl Izumi windbreaker/raincoat that Kathleen got me for my birthday. I went around the Inner Harbor and up to the park at the top of Federal Hill. The sun was just starting to rise at that point (come on daylight savings time). Here is the Inner Harbor waking up.
A little further into Federal Hill the sun was rising behind the Domino's Sugar factory.
I turned around and headed for the firehouse down the street to vote. When I got there a line was forming, some sort of problem with the computer, but they sorted it out and I did my thing and headed for home. The bike wears my sticker proudly.
Then it was a shower, breakfast, off to work, then rockin' out in the basement, and now home to write this.

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