Sunday, November 28, 2010

Game Day

It was a beautiful day out today, after yesterday's cold and wind. Kathleen hasn't been feeling well, so while she took a nap, I went out for a ride. As a non-football fan, I totally didn't realize that there was a game this afternoon, so imagine my suprise when I rolled through Federal Hill and discovered this.
Apparently they close a bunch of streets around the stadium when the Ravens are playing. I continued on to the Gwynns Falls Trail, only to be greeted by this.
I ended up having to ride through the parking lot to rejoin the trail. Remember the purple porta-potties? This is the scene at one of them.
It always amazes me how much money people will spend for this kind of thing.
That van appears to be owned by a private party, not a company, and not the Ravens. A little further along I spotted this sign.
Seriously? $40 for parking?
Eventually, I made it through the tailgating throngs and onto the Gwynns Falls Trail proper. It was a truly nice day on the trail.
I went up the trail then caught the Gwynns Falls Parkway back down towards the homestead (it gets dark early). On my way back I went down Eutaw Street, right near Druid Lake there is this funny arch thing over the road.
On my way back down Eutaw towards downtown I spotted yet another giant church (at least I think this one is new to me).
Then it was off to the homestead for a shower and some dinner and a Caps game (on TV of course).

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