Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a busy day, it started off with a ride down to the Inner Harbor, as Kathleen ran the Cobble Gobble turkey trot race here. It was wet and rainy when I left the house, but once my butt was soaked (by the end of our block) it wasn't too bad. I got down to Harbor East where the start line was, and here is Kathleen at the start (bright yellow raincoat).
Then I scooted down into Fells Point, and here comes Kathleen and her friend from BOMF, Elaine down Thames Street.
After looping around the end of Fells Point they came back at me. Now the idea of the race is that you race on the cobbles, but as you can see, most people run on the sidewalks if at all possible. I don't blame them, I don't like riding on the cobbles either.
I took off again towards the Inner Harbor, and caught them coming up the bridge on Eastern Avenue towards the Pier 6 (on the right here).
I went around the Inner Harbor in the bike lane and got ahead again, here they are passing by the USS Constitution.
I moved a little further around the Light Street side to wait for them to come back from the Rusty Scupper (it was the turnaround for the race). As I waited I shot these three, if I were more crafty I would know how to stitch them together for a big panorama picture, but I am not that crafty.
Eventually they came back by, Kathleen has spotted me here.
After they passed I scooted around to the finish line, here is Kathleen and Elaine at the finish.
I met up with Kathleen and let her know that I was taking my soaking wet butt home for a shower, and headed back to the house, but all of my usual victory soda stops were closed, so I had to back track to the 7-11 for a soda (that is the part of the map between miles 7 & home). We both got back to the house and got in a shower before deciding it was nap time. We got up later and got going, Kathleen worked in the kitchen making some dinner, and I did some bike maintenance in the garage. First I washed my bike.
Then since I had the stuff out, Kathleen's bike got the business, not as dirty as mine (riding in the wet makes a mess), but good to get it done anyhow.
Then I stuck my bike up on the stand in the garage for some drivetrain maintenance.
I headed inside a little later to help with dinner, here is Kathleen running things in the kitchen.
This is the Blue Hubbard Squash pie that Kathleen made while I fiddled with the bikes. It is like the smoothest pumpkin pie ever.
We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, turkey, stuffing, grean peas, mashed potatoes, and of course pie for dessert. Almost everything in the meal came from the Farmer's Market last weekend, only the Turkey and stuffing came from the store. Everything was fantastic, I really enjoy Kathleen's cooking.
Of course, the meal created quite the mess in the kitchen.
But as is our way, Kathleen cooks, and I clean.
After dinner we had a nice evening doing nothing, and now I am looking forward to a sleep in day tomorrow.

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