Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leaves & Geese

It turned it to be a nice day so I went out for a ride. I rode up to Lake Montebello where there were lots of people utilizing the paths and par course equipment. Also in residence were these Canadian Geese, who are stopping over (I guess) on their way to somewhere.

Or maybe they will move here for the winter, who knows. I will have to go back out and see if they are still around when it gets colder.

Elsewhere in Baltimore, it is leaf peeping time, there were some of the late bloomers today. This section of 33rd street was nice.
And I liked the colors of this tree all by itself in Federal Hill.
These were also just down the street on Key Highway and a great shade of red.

It's been nice this year, usually we have a bunch of wind and rain that pretty much strip all of the trees off at once. Then it was off to the house and figure out some dinner.

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