Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too Long Between Rides

Today was the first time I have gotten out since last weekend, and boy did I feel it. I was totally blah for the whole ride. Usually it takes a couple of miles for me to get going, but it just never happened today. It was a nice day out though, and the trees are doing their fall thing.
I also saw this as I got out towards Carroll Park, I have never noticed it before.
The thing about fall is that as it progresses, that means winter is on the way, just a few weeks ago these trees were all green and leafy.

Of course when the leaves fall they have to go somewhere, in this case on the bike path.
I really liked the color of these trees in the median on Gwynns Falls Parkway.
I also liked the way the one tree is hanging on when most of the others have already given up the ghost.
After this it was back to the house for a shower and a snack. Hopefully I can get out again tomorrow, although it supposed to be colder than today, and I will feel better doing it.

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