Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Ride

This morning Kathleen was off for her last long run before the Maryland Half Marathon next weekend, and I managed to get up in time to go out for a ride. I took off with no real plan, just a ride around the city. I swung down through the Inner Harbor, then up Calvert Street. On my way up Calvert, I spotted this groovy mural thing.
Then a little further up I cut over on 32nd street and ran into the Waverly farmers market. It's a little less shady (as in protection from the sun) than the one in our neighborhood on Sunday morning under the Jones Falls. We have been here a couple of times, it is always pretty warm in the direct sun.
On my way back to the house I spotted this building, I am not sure what it was originally built as, but now houses the Weinberg Foundation.
Tomorrow is supposed to be nice out as well, so hopefully I will get out again, maybe even with Kathleen.

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