Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Ride to Timonium

Today was in fact another gorgeous day, so after a early morning meeting in DC, Kathleen and I went for a ride to Timonium. We took Loch Raven Boulevard out towards Towson (I had forgotten what a bunch of butt-kicking hills that road has), and enjoyed a little sunshine.
Then we cut through the Goucher College campus, where Kathleen has been doing track workouts as prep for her half marathon next weekend. After that we continued out towards Timonium, here is Kathleen after dropping her chain. I believe the words here are unprintable.
We rode around some of the streets that Kathleen has been running (the coaching is through Charm City Run, so a lot of the time they start from the shop and run around the neighborhoods behind it). Then we rode through Lutherville, which was full of cool houses and such.

This one is octagon shaped, hard to capture on film.
Then it was time to turn towards home, we came back down Falls Road (very popular with the cyclists) and through Hampden, here we are on the Avenue, lots of people out and about.
A little further along we spotted this rowhouse getting the big paint job, I really like the avacado color on it.
and a little further down the block, this incredible older building.
This is right by the Miracle on 34th Street, this building has been under renovation for ever, but it seems it is all finished now.
A little further down Falls Road I spotted this.
This was truly exciting, as I had seen another like it a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't figure out what it was, it seemed a little large for a wagon wheel. But due to this one's location, now I know, it is a cable pulley for a cable car system. This one was outside the Baltimore Streetcar Museum on Falls Road. After that exciting discovery, it was off to the house for a shower and BBQ dinner on the deck.

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