Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Afternoon

Today was a short day at work, the office was closed, but I ended up going in for few hours to take care of some things for next week. But I got back in time to get out and about on the bike. I rode around the Inner Harbor (seems to be my go to kind of spot lately) and out to Fort McHenry (still closed to bicycles), then off through the west side for a bit. Just past the stadium complex I came across this.
This is the Gwynns Falls Trail, and the railroad crossing there has a great wheel destroying lump in it. Luckily I successfully navigate around this and continued on to Carroll Park, which amongst other things, is home of the Mount Clare House.
Then I rode back through downtown towards the homestead. On the way there, passing through Harbor East I spotted this pair straight out of the 80's.
This weekend is the Maryland Death Fest, a 3 day extravaganza of heavy metal in Baltimore. I can only assume that these two have arrived early to see the sights. Also spotted on my way home was this.

He was riding the opposite way from me passing Pier 6 so I actually turned around to shoot this video. He had 4 speakers mounted on the bike and was rockin the inner harbor, awesome!

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