Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ride to work day

Spring is officially here, it has been in the 80's for about a week now. So in honor of that, I rode my bike to work. Pretty uneventful, although the rather large meal that we had last night with Kathleen's mom proved to be a bit much this morning. At any rate, as I was climbing the last hill to work on the closed part of Wetheredsville Road I encountered this downed tree across the road, definitely a new feature since the last time I rode through here. So over the tree the bike and I went, me in my completely tractionless bike shoes.
Then it was a busy day at work, full of highs and lows. But 6:00PM rolled around and off home I went. I took the Gwynns Falls trail again, I find it really relaxing after work, no cars, and a fairly smooth ride. When I got down towards downtown I passed through the last of the big parks on the ride, where this sure sign of spring greeted me.
That's right, despite having what has to be the worst team in baseball right now, people were out playing a little ball at the end of the day. A little further on I got to wait for the train.
As it passed by I noted this car needed some gasket help or something.
Then I thought it was finally passing, when out from behind it came the MARC train.
Then a fairly uneventful ride home through the Inner Harbor, dodging the pedestrians in the bike lane. On my way from the garage to the house I suprised this guy.
He (she?) has a collar, so I am assuming it's a pet, it's been around for a couple of weeks now.

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