Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today was a hot Memorial Day, so Kathleen thought that the NCR Trail would be a good ride, as it is tree covered for much of it. We loaded up the bikes on the car, and off for Parkton MD we went. The trail actually starts down in Timonium, but with the nice day and the holiday, Kathleen was pretty sure it would be packed down there. It did turn out to be gorgeous, here is what much of the trail is like.
Just after we crossed the Maryland-Pennsylvania border we arrived at New Freedom PA. The trail here was more open, and there is a little cafe, and this groovy rail equipment there.

A little further along I spotted this girl who had decided the biking wasn't nearly as interesting as whatever she is poking at on the other side of the tracks.
When we got up to Glen Rock, the trail runs right into the center of the town, these people were just getting started on some sort of mural.
We decided to abandon the trail, and rode around town a little bit. This church was amazing, unfortunately my picture, not so much.
And this house was all decked out for the holiday.
But then it was time to head back to the car. On the way back down, Kathleen took a header while waiting for a indecisive motorcyclist to make up his mind about going or stopping. "just a flesh wound" luckily.
After a little roadside first aid (I washed it out with a water bottle) we pressed on back to the car. Right as we got back down to Parkton, somebody had planted American flags all along the trail.
Then it was back to the car and home for a little grilling on the deck for dinner.

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