Sunday, July 1, 2012

Market Day

Being Sunday, today was farmers market day for us, and despite having to work later in the day, Kathleen and I ran down to the market on our bikes this morning.  It was super hot for 7:00AM, already in the mid 80's on the way to 100+ and the humidity was on the rise as well.   Here is Kathleen rolling along on her city bike on the way there.
And as a rare occurance, a picture of me, in this case astride my new city bike, a Linus Roadster. I picked it up on Friday after work.
We made it down to the market, and things were in full swing.

Since the Tour De France started yesterday, it was appropriate that some sunflowers made it in here somewhere.
We made the rounds then packed up to head home, on our way back we passed some of the destruction from the storms Friday night.
Lots of downed trees and tree branches all over the area from that.  But we made it home, then it was off to DC for me for the start of the load in for the National Park Service's Fourth of July Celebration.   When I got back I took a moment to shoot the bike forums approved shot of the new ride.
I think it's pretty cool.

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