Monday, July 9, 2012

Two for one bonus post

Yesterday, after a breif interruption by work, I went out for a ride.  Despite it being about 1,000,000,000 degrees out (97) I went anyhow,  but decided to keep it easy, so I went around the Inner Harbor, then out the Gwynns Falls Trail.   On the trail part that runs through town I spotted this painting, I think I have shown it before, but I like it.
A little further along I stopped for a bit of shade on one of the bridges over the railroad tracks on the trail. I am still trying to figure out how to take a picture of hot.
At Frederick Road I turned back towards downtown (it turns into Pratt Street). A little ways along I spotted this alley, I am not normally a big fan of graffiti but this was super colorful.
This is the other side of the alley, a little more monochromatic.
Then it was back to the house for a cold shower and cold drink. When I arrived I discovered that our AC unit wasn't functioning, grand.

We opened all the windows and gutted it out (85 in the house all night), then this morning I went off to work. I called around and found a place in Rockville that sells parts for AC/heating to the public. I had bought stuff there for the old house years ago, unfortunately nobody in the B'more area does that. I scooted out of work early after doing some things and a little internet research, then came home and dismantled the AC compressor to find that the start/run capacitor (one of the 6 actual parts of it as I have learned) had blown up, so I took it out, ran down to Rockville, got a new one and went home to slap it in. Success! the AC works again.

I rewarded myself with another ride, it was only 90 degrees out today :)  I went up to Lake Montebello, looking splendid in the Summer sun.
I headed over on the bike path towards Morgan State (where Kathleen will be going to in the fall), past several road closed signs and piles of gravel to discover that the bike path done washed away.
I successfully went around the area, and continued on in a wandering loop around that side of the city, when on my way back I spotted this construction project.  It seems odd that they would be building what appear to be brand new townhouses when the rowhouses right next door obviously just need renovation.
But whatever, I continued on in the general direction of home, at Guilford and Baltimore I spotted this Minty Fresh, Clean Ford Fiesta from the 70's.
I would have assumed that all of these had turned into rust piles by now. I headed home for a shower and dinner in our now cool and comfortable house :).

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