Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Friends

Today was a normal commute day for me, I got up (late) and got showered and ate breakfast, then rode in to work (late) through town.  No real excitement other than a bus trying to squish me, stupid asshole.   Then a full day at the shop including ending up being a little late to leave, I headed back out for home.   At the point where the Gwynns Falls Trail crosses Baltimore street, there were these three young guys hanging on the their bikes.   They wanted to know where  I was headed so I said down the trail, and they wanted to come.   So I figured I would ride with them down to the next little park, then send them back on their way.   So off we went, here they are following me down the trail.
It turns out there is an abandoned house somewhere along this stretch of the trail, so two of them were paranoid about going down it, monsters or something. So we rode along and shot the breeze and disproved the existence of the monsters to the next little park, where they let me know that hills were the best, so we went a little farther to Gwynns Falls Park, where there is a cool downhill.   They were all hot to go all the way to Carroll Park, but I convinced them it was getting late and they didn't want to be riding in the dark.   So we did the terrorist fist bumps all around then I headed for home, and they headed back to their neighborhood, a little more aware of their opportunities.   A fun ride all in all.

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