Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baltimore By Night

Kathleen has been out of town all weekend, and I have been consumed with transferring a bunch of old recordings from cassette tape to the digital realm.   It's been kind of strange being so immersed in the past, I am trying to avoid being melancholy about it and instead enjoying the good memories from those times.   Tonight I felt like I needed to get out and clear my head, so I went for a ride around the city.   I have always loved cities at night, and Baltimore is no exception.  This is the Public Works Museum at Eastern Ave and President Street, it used to be the pumping station for the city.
 This is the USCG Cutter Taney, the last survivor of Pearl Harbor, now a permanent resident of the Inner Harbor at Pier 5.
 A little further around the Inner Harbor on the Light Street side there is this cool fountain that, with it being 95 degrees out at 10PM, was quite popular.
 I climbed up to Federal Hill Park and shot this, that is Rash Field in the foreground, you can rent the beach volleyball courts there for fun, and I believe there is a league that plays there as well.
 I headed back towards downton, and then up Calvert Street, passing the War of 1812 Memorial there.
 I continued up and then over to Charles and uptown to Penn Station, and caught the Man/Woman sculpture in all it's glory.
 It was getting to be time to head home, so back downtown I went, no nightime tour of Baltimore would be complete without the obligatory shot of The Block.
As I was passing through Harbor East the yellow light behind the bar as the bartender worked caught my eye.
 Then across to Fells Point, this is Thames Street looking away from the square on Broadway.
Lest we forget this is a working harbor, there was a tug tied up at the Fells Point Rec pier, I am sure the guy in the porthole is trying to figure out what I am doing.  That is the square on Broadway in the background to the left.
Then it was time to head for home, and a shower, did I mention how hot it is?

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