Friday, July 6, 2012

City Bike Madness

Well, I have been working the crap out of my city bike since my last post, in fact it is the only bike I have ridden in a couple of weeks (stupid work).   On the 4th of July I took it with me to Washington DC for the National Park Service's American Fourth of July Celebration.   The main stage for this is at the Washington Monument Grounds, and this year it was the US Army Blues Jazz Ensemble with special guest Ben Vereen.  Here is Ben Vereen entertaining the sweltering masses (and I mean sweltering, it was 97 degrees out, probably 70%+ humidity).
But I also had a PA system at the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial connected to the main stage via a slightly illegal 4 watt wireless link so that the people there can hear the fireworks music.

So I used my groovy bike to schlep around the mall checking up on my guys there, and generally making sure everything goes according to plan.

Yesterday I ran another errand over to Race Pace for a new stem to raise the handlebars a little and a water bottle cage because it is super hot out right now.  No pictures from that ride, I forgot to take my camera with me.

 Tonight I was on my own for dinner, so I took my bike down to Little Italy to pick up a sandwich for dinner. It was movie night in Little Italy, people were starting to set up camp in the street.
They project from a rowhouse across the street onto the large white space to the left of the picture. I ran into Isabellas to pick up my sandwich.
Then threw it in the saddlebag and got ready to head for home.
On the way out of Little Italy I passed by the bocci courts, they are usually hopping on most nights.
Then it was back up Gough Street towards the house, the shade was a blessing, it was about 98 degrees out at this point (did I mention we have been having a heat wave?).
A little dinner, a little bike maintenance, and hopefully a ride on my speedy bike tomorrow.

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