Saturday, July 7, 2012

Holy Crap!

It is stupid hot out today, I originally intended to get up and go for a ride early to try and beat the heat, but I slept in, so as a penance I went out at about 10:45 on the road bike.   It was 95 degrees already at that point, it is 103 right now at 3:45PM.   I put ice in the water bottles to help keep the water cold, despite that it was warm by the time I was done, and with insulated bottles no less.   At any rate, I decided that flat was good for today, so I rode around the Inner Harbor, and out to Fort McHenry and back, with a quick stop at Race Pace in Federal Hill for some AC.   Passing through the Inner Harbor on the way out, I ended up behind this couple on their Tandem.
As I followed along I was intrigued by the red thing so I got up closer and got a picture, it's a red stuffed crab, I am assuming they are locals.
Nothing further to report, other than the cold shower at the end felt good.

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