Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Early

I did it, up before 7:00AM and out the door by 7. I opted to go a different direction than my normal morning rides, and head uptown. I rode up Washington street to it's end, then up Harford Road where I spotted the grounds crew at the golf course cutting the lawn (despite it being wet from rain earlier in the morning).
Then it was on for a lap around Lake Montebello, the skies were looking pretty grim, but no rain on me so far (which was good, because I didn't bring my raincoat). Still lots of people out jogging and walking around the lake.
Then I swung around near Johns Hopkins before heading back down towards the house. On the way home I saw this cool building, it turns out it is the City of Baltimore Fire Museum
After that, back home and off to work.

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