Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was hot this morning, about 80 degrees and a bazillion percent humidity, but out the door I went. I rode down Pratt Street through the Inner Harbor, then looped around the stadium complex. It is obviously Ravens season again, the purple port-a-potties are back.
I looped back over to Pratt Street to head around back home, feeling all smug that I was going to enjoy some bus/bike lane freedom and laugh at all the commuters. Imagine my dismay when I saw this.
Apparently, due to the construction on Pratt, they have temporarily (I hope) discontinued the bus/bike only lane, so I had to slug it out with the cars. As I came back to the Inner Harbor, I spotted a US Navy ship enjoying a little tourist time.
I continued back to the house, shower, breakfast, work, then band practice, now it's bed time.

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