Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Morning

I went out for a quick ride this morning, I was feeling soft so I went out towards the Dundalk Area, as it's fairly flat. I went out Holabird Avenue, then turned onto Broening Highway. I went right by where the GM plant used to be when we moved here, they built Astro vans there. GM closed it as it was too expensive to renovate to a new line when they killed of the Astro, apparently it was an old school factory, two levels, the cars started at one end, went to the other end of the building, up to the second floor then out as finished product. The newer plants are all built on a single level. The only remaining indicator that it was there is this bridge over Broening Hwy.
It was a nice day though, a little passing cloudiness but otherwise sunny. This would change later, it became super humid out.
After a while the monotony of Broening Highway got to me so I cut across to Dundalk Avenue where much to my suprise, I saw another cyclist. This is him peeling off to head to where I just was.
A little further up the road the Dundalk farmers' market was going on, people were out getting a little fresh produce and enjoying the morning.
After this I headed for home, busy day off today.

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