Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Commute

Today was a no appointments day at work so I rode my bike in. Nice morning, and a little navigation error caused me to find another part of the Gwynns Falls Trail that I hadn't been on before. Beautiful morning though nice and shady on the trail and Franklintown Road.

Then a full day at work, lots of stuff going on, and back to the homestead via the Gwynns Falls Trail. The trail runs through a ton of parks, I am not sure what this one is called, but it really needs a pick up soccer game here.
This was in Carroll Park, it seemed that this may have been the little girls first ride.
But then it was on to surface streets towards the Inner Harbor. I caught this signage in Federal Hill, the signs for the bike trail are about 18' up in the air WTF?
Luckily I knew where I was headed, down through the Inner Harbor, passing all the sights, including the Aquarium, next time I will try and not get the art in the middle of the shot.
Then home for a quick shower, dinner, and some hanging out.

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