Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Busy weekend this weekend, but this afternoon I got out for a spin around the Inner Harbor. I headed out with the intent of going out to Fort McHenry (easy ride). As I got near the Inner Harbor I saw the cool clouds, beams of sunlight thing, I have always found this interesting.
Then it was around to Fort McHenry (still closed to bicycles). On the return leg back up Fort AvenueI spotted a Princess Cruise ship in port, probably the Princess Pride as usual.
I swung down through Locust Point off Fort Avenue, and found the road to the Tide Point Complex (where Under Armour is headquartered) and the Domino's Sugar plant. On my way back by Rash Field, I came across a beach volleyball tournament going on. There's always something going on in the Inner Harbor.
Going around back behind the Maryland Science Center on the bike path, I noted that they had remarked the path with these cyclist representations.
I couldn't help but wonder (enough to actually stop and take a picture) if they were suggesting that only cyclists wearing headphones could use the path. It sort of makes sense, as I wouldn't be comfortable on the street with headphones on, I like hearing the cars coming behind me in lieu of a rearview mirror.
Continuing on around the Inner Harbor I spotted the jazz trumpet guys.
They are always out when it's nice, they have a little PA that plays jazzy backing tracks, and they are both really good, so I enjoyed a little jazz, hooked them up with some cash for their efforts, then headed on out. I rode down through Harbor East, and spotted this gal in the fountain, I have no idea why she was up in the water, but there she was.
After that it was a little trip through Fells Point, a stop at the gas station for a soda, and back to the house for a shower and some dinner.

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